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Innovation in Action

Learn more about the phosphorus pollution issue and our global freshwater crisis.  Meet some of the brilliant entrepreneurs who are racing to find solutions.  Take a whirlwind tour through some of the inspiring videos we have created as part of the George Barley Water Prize.

A Global Water Crisis, narrated by Tom Brokaw
ScottsMiracle-Gro Foundation on Phosphorus Pollution
Live from the Field Museum! Stage 2 Awards
And the Winner (of Stage 1) Is...
Stage 1 Applicant Compilation
Wetsus NaFRAd - Stage 2 1st Place (and Stage 1 Phase 3) Winner
U.S. Geological Survey Leetown Science Center - Stage 2 3rd Place Winner
Meet Stage 2 Contestant Yanyang Zhang
Team blueXgreen - University of Idaho - Stage 1 Phase 1 Winner
The Aragonite Solution by ASAP & Calcean - Stage 1 Phase 1 Winner
Barley Prize Launch Event - December 2016
The George Barley Water Prize at the Inaugural White House Water Summit