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The Everglades Foundation has launched the largest water prize in history (and one of the largest science prizes of any kind), in an effort to find an entrepreneurial solution to our fresh water crisis.  It’s not just for Florida’s Lake Okeechobee, a highly phosphorus-polluted lake north of America’s Everglades, but for all similarly threatened lakes, rivers and estuaries throughout the US and the globe.

Are You a Revolutionary Thinker?

Named after a visionary co-founder of the Everglades Foundation, and endorsed by the late Nobel Prize winner Sir Harold Kroto, the $10 million George Barley Water Prize was designed to inspire that type of revolutionary mindset. The $10 million grand prize will be awarded in 2020 to the team of entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists who can demonstrate a resilient, cost-effective technology to solve the problem of excess phosphorus in freshwater.  For more information about the team and how to participate, go to the contestant website.

How The George Barley Water Prize Works

The competition incorporates multiple testing stages and benchmarks, mimicking the natural stages of technology development with annual awards and events. The first three competition stages each last one year, challenging prize competitors to test their technology in a lab environment and at a pilot scale. At the end of each stage, the Everglades Foundation will award sub-prizes and highlight participant achievements and milestones at annual events. The ultimate winner must reduce phosphorus levels in water to 10 micrograms per liter, while also developing a cost-effective technology to earn the $10 million grand prize.

Our Inaugural Year in Video

Watch the Barley Prize come to life.  For more great videos, also be sure to check out our Video Gallery page.

The George Barley Water Prize at the Inaugural White House Water Summit
Barley Prize Launch Event