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The Everglades Foundation is a national non-profit organization with an impressive record of advancing unique, science-based ideas that have already solved some large-scale, seemingly intractable water ecosystem problems in Florida.

Co-founded in 1993 by Paul Tudor Jones II and the late conservation leader George Barley, the Foundation has a mission of protecting and restoring America’s Everglades through the advancement of scientifically sound and achievable solutions.

The Foundation advances science-based policy solutions while leveraging partnerships in the environmental, business and civic communities to implement watershed restoration priorities.

The Mission of The Everglades Foundation

  • The Foundation seeks to reverse the damage to the ecosystem and provide policymakers and the public with a credible resource to guide decision-making on complex restoration issues.
  • A team of staff scientists serves as technical experts for the environmental community with specialties in hydrology, natural resource planning, water quality and ecology.
  • Comprehensive educational efforts include:
    • The Everglades literacy curriculum, serving K-12 students
    • Fellowships and internships, which are awarded to graduate students from regional and national universities working on watershed projects

National and Global Leadership on Water and Watershed Issues

  • One of the foremost organizations for research, innovation, and solutions for Everglades and watershed issues.
  • National and international in scope.
  • The Foundation’s Board of 27 distinguished international leaders in business, industry, and government are increasingly focused on solving the phosphorus pollution problem for lakes, rivers, and watersheds throughout the country and the world.
  • Beyond Florida, the Foundation has emerged as a leading organization working toward creative solutions of the world’s freshwater problems, with partners in industry, government (municipal, state, and federal), and NGOs.


George Barley (1934-1995)

George M. Barley, Jr. was the co-founder of The Everglades Foundation.

A seventh generation Floridian, he ran a real estate brokerage and consulting company for many years, but his greatest passion was for fishing, conservation, and the Florida Everglades.  “Long after we are gone,” he once said, “the Everglades will be our legacy to our children, grandchildren and our nation.”

He was relentless in his efforts to limit the use of phosphorus fertilizers, which he knew were impacting the Everglades and waterbodies around the world.

Along with investor Paul Tudor Jones II, Barley founded The Everglades Foundation in 1993.  He died in an airplane crash while he was on his way to meet with the Army Corps of Engineers to discuss restoration efforts.

Today his widow, Mary Barley, is an active member of The Everglades Foundation Board, which along with the rest of the Foundation team is carrying on his legacy.